Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Christmas Is Coming - Day #1

This morning started out like any normal Monday. Rush – Rush – Rush. I didn’t really relax until my reminder to start my Christmas shopping popped up on my Google Calendar. Starting with the kids is the most fun and the easiest part to do. I should probably save it for last, but I always worry about not getting them fun gifts……I’d hate to get them just left over stuff they didn’t want.

For cute, but inexpensive toys, I really like www.lakeside.com. Many items do not have any sort of quality in the packaging. But that is easily remedied with gift wrap and holiday decorations. They are also one of my sources for Christmas d├ęcor for my home. Items are very reasonably pricing, shipping coupons are often available.

I really hate to be predictable when it comes to giving gifts. I try to stay clear of the gift cards, anything pre-wrapped, etc. It looks like what it is…..you didn’t take any time to just picture this person in your mind for a moment and consider what they might appreciate. For adults, I am a firm believer in www.eBay.com. Because of the search tool, I can take someone’s name, favorite color, favorite animal, anything I know about that person can go into the search tool. Different things pop up, it’s actually fun to toss a name in there and see what might come up that can even be personalized.

I typed in my youngest daughter’s name a few years ago and found out there was an entire series of fairytales starring a main character using her name. The greatest part of this was that she has such an odd name, it’s always been difficult to find anything with her name. She still has the books, and tells me she plans to pass them down to her children.

So today is just day one…..we’ll see how all this progresses. If you promise not to tell, I’ll post each gift, price and picture. I’m hoping to run a few searches on more hands on and homemade gifts…..I love a project!!!!

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