Friday, January 20, 2012

41 and still kicking

Today is my birthday. Oh joy. (not) Here are the reasons it sucks. My birthday is right after Christmas. Everyone is broke. While I do understand this - my birthday tends to come at the same time every year, does planning ever occur to anyone? Put a side a lil cash or one of my Christmas gifts for my birthday? Must require too much thinking. My kids and (most) everyone younger are now calling me 41 years young - is this really suppose to make me feel young? You never called me that until you thought of me as old. Not one of my friends ever tries to do something for me for my birthday. Maybe I don't have any friends, then huh? I had to make my own birthday party. Plan - cook - serve - participate - oh and the worst part is having to find a designated driver for my MIL. (she's an undercover lush, sssshhhhhh - everyone knows but her. LOL) and of course, my hubby is the bomb. he's taking me out tomorrow but now they are calling for snow and ice to fall overnight and tomorrow so that might not happen either. I can't wait for 42.

Paula Deen - The Beef Stew - Cont'd

IT WAS GROSS. But this might not be the actual fault of the stew, as my favorite stew in Dinty Moore stew and nothing is better than that. If it doesn't take like that, ugh. But now I'm wondering if the missing ingredient was diabetic medication. Maybe that was something she forgot to write in and I should not have attempted this recipe until after her news. I get that she might remember to say now and then that her recipes are for special occasions or that you should eat these in moderation, but does she cook anything that I can eat daily? Answer - hell no. The answer is no because if she did, she would not be in her own situation at this point. Get off the butter and off your ass and work out. done.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Paula Deen - The Beef Stew

I'm probably way behind the times with this one, but I've never made any Paula Deen recipe until today. Today's menu for my family is her Beef Stew. I'll take a picture and post it up here when it's ready. Hopefully I won't be embarrassing myself. LOL. If I don't post back, we are all in the hospital waiting for my recovery after my kids beat the dickens out of me. lol.

Trenton, New Jersey - Capital of NJ - Experiments of Mack

I was born and raised in the city of Trenton, capital of the state of New Jersey. I've heard all the jokes about my state and have not been too keen on everyone believing that the Sopranos and Jersey Shore are valid representations of our beloved state. But hey, it does provide entertainment and brings people here for tourism (with their money). So really, it's no big deal. I moved out of Trenton when my children started middle school. I moved out so my children could have a better education in Hamilton Twp schools. How sad it is that we needed to move a few blocks but have such a huge impact on their education and safety? I've always been proud of the rich history that is Trenton, NJ. As an inner city, it's always had its struggles to maintain jobs, safety, education.....just as any other city. But Trenton is now dealing with it's biggest dilemma. A man who wanted to claim the title of mayor more than he actually wants to do the work of the mayor. Our city is in a decline of safety - no one is safe, no one is even thinking at this point that it couldn't happen to them. Everyone is scared of being shot. Everyone except the fools with the guns. This city is being "lead" by a man that knows nothing of how to lead. He doesn't know how to command respect or how to implement a plan. I don't believe for one moment that I would know how to run a city......that's why I would not run for a job I couldn't handle. I truly believe that thought never occurred to him. Wanting to have the title and wanting to do the work are completely different agendas. He should show that his focus is on the safety of the city's residents and not on his wallet. Requesting pay raises after laying off police officers is not just in bad taste, it's a threat to the safety of those that brought him into office. He hasn't done anything to have EARNED a pay raise. I guess since he's short enough to not even have to duck a bullet, it's really no concern of his how many fly around the city.

Friday, January 6, 2012

I Screwed It Up - But Not On Purpose

I did not begin my workout on the morning I thought I would. I didn't reset my alarm to get up at 5 instead of 6. Then I got my monthly visit from Aunt Flow, the first since switching from an IUD to the Depo shot. It's very heavy. It surprised me because I wasn't expecting it for another couple of weeks. It's ok, I'm just readjusting to start my new habit on Sunday, hopefully giving myself time to stop cramping so much. If not, I'll just have to work thru it. Supposedly, exercise is good for this. I'd rather it chocolate and potato chips, but hey, that's probably how I got so fat in the first place. But it did give me an idea to really do some research on the way I'd like to start eating and different exercises I'd like to do. There is a new show starting in a couple of weeks - The Revolution on ABC. I'll be watching daily as it's really meant to help people who want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. That's what I want. So the first thing I learned was to use a home gym that doesn't have to be all expensive and complicated. They used a hula hoop, dumb bells, exercise ball and jump rope. I can afford that and do that too. Now to be perfectly honest, I can't hula hoop to save a life. BBBUUUUTTTTTT, the Nintendo Wii has the balance board game with the hula hoop game on there. I'm gonna do it Saturday (tomorrow), it might help out my cramps. LOL I have dumb bells and the ball, just no jump rope which is ok. I can't picture jumping rope in the house for exercise and then telling my 5 yr old that he can't do it. I'll use my invisible rope. It'll be fine and no noisy rope hitting the floor or tangling up into my legs causing me to fall down, breaking a bone which will force me once again to give up on my workouts. (I'm going to buy one tomorrow). SWAK/ANNA

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Next Attempt

I'm hoping that I'll stick with my own desire to lose weight, be healthy and find my energy again. I build it up in my head and my heart so much. I have this account that I never stick with....I just don't know why. I really need to drop at least 50 lbs. I even really know how to do it. It still doesn't make me do it. No motivation? Maybe that's the problem, no motivation. I have all these New Year's Resolutions like I do every year. I think if I can just get my ass out of bed early a few times and create this to be a new habit - I'll be ok. The main problem is that I am alone in this battle. The battle is not the weight loss. That's the easy part. The battle is with myself and getting my head and my heart on board to do what I know I need to do - and soon. I'm turning 41 yrs old in a couple of weeks. I'm setting my alarm clock to get me up tomorrow morning at 5am. I'm putting the alarm across the room so I'll have to get up and get it instead of hitting snooze. I'm getting my clothes together tonight. My goal for tomorrow morning is a weigh in, measurement session and to do 10 minutes of Zumba on my Wii. Maybe - hopefully - possibly I'll do another 10 minutes in the afternoon. I want to do 10 minutes twice a day until I can do 20 minutes straight. Then I'll work my way toward 30 and 40 and 50 and then ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not worrying so much about what I eat as much as I worry about the healthy stuff I should be eating. I need to add in fruits and veggies and water. I'll touch base with you soon and let you know how I'm doing.

Gift Giving? Oh My Lord....

So yesterday I posted on facebook a poll question. What was the worst gift you've ever received? I posted that the worst gift I've ever received was coloring book pages that were put into a clothing gift box and wrapped up. I received this for Christmas two years in a row and my daughters each received this for their birthdays. They were 9 and 10 at the time. I didn't list the person who gave it to me, but my stepdad cut in and said that's all she had to give. Since he cut in, I feel like I have the option now to admit it was my sister. She is a smoker, she buys junk 24/7 and she's not thrifty in the least. She came to birthday parties and other parties always knowing well in advance about the parties. Never brings a proper gift.....let alone contributing to even her own kids parties and things that I've kicked out money for. As you can probably tell, we don't get a long. The last time I saw her was just after I threw a baby shower for her during her 4 pregnancy (but it was her first son). I invited friends of hers and her boyfriends family. I paid for it all, my family and I did all the work....we made sure she got tons of stuff needed and wanted for her baby. She left my home telling me thank you and that she loved me. I haven't seen her for nearly 4 years now.....not even her children. She actually had another son after this one but I've never met him. Her dad (my stepdad) knows the truth, but for whatever reason he felt the need to defend her behavior. LOL - oh to be daddy's little girl.

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