Sunday, February 25, 2018

Being Flexible

This morning's weather is not exactly cooperating for me to have my morning 3-mile walk. It's raining and overcast this morning.  But I feel like that's no excuse.  The weather report says the rain should be over about 1pm.  I think I'll switch up my routine for the day which was to walk then clean my kitchen and meal prep for the week. 

Today's meal prep will be dishing up all the leftovers from my daughter's birthday party last night so I can put them into the lunch.  I'll be making snack packs with carrots, edamame, and some yogurt (no, not mixed together....LOL).  Meal prepping on Sundays really does make the mornings much easier.  And since I'm going back to work on March 5 while trying to maintain this new workout schedule, I need as much time in the mornings as I can. 

I'm very happy right now typing this.  I'm not using the rain as an excuse.  I'm simply working around it to make it work for me.  For first and only current goal is to break away from the 200 lb mark.  I don't know if I can do this.  But I know I can try. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Let's Stroll Together (Vlog)

I'm hoping that if I can start with this video and written journal and you guys (hopefully) expect me to keep this going, it'll be some motivation to keep me accountable.  I had to start a medicine for toenail fungus called Lamisil.  It has some strong side effects (for some people) and shouldn't be mixed with caffeine or alcohol.  So I decided to NOT be depressed about that when I realized that caffeine is in chocolate.

Today's goals are my warm lemon water, SMAP Smoothie (Spinach, mango, apple, pineapple, plain greek yogurt, whey, and water), 90 oz water, Food Bowl (quinoa, beets, egg, beans, turkey and shredded cheese), two slices of whole wheat pizza.  5 miles walking.  100 squats

As I'm writing this, it's close to lunch time but with all this smoothie and water, I'm not even hungry. I might need to walk a little earlier tomorrow so I can get breakfast started earlier.  Little steps. 

Click here to watch just a few minutes of today's walk:
Let's Stroll Together! 

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