Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Pandora Music Playlist Issues

Apparently I suck big cookies when it comes to making a playlist.  I made an 80's play list on Pandora and I was very strict for the first few days.  Then the early 90's started sneaking into my songs........but I couldn't remember what year some songs were published.  So they got the thumbs up.  Now I'm getting hit with Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.  (thumbs down)

I don't know how to fix this.

I had started one of just soft romantic music.  I loved so many of the songs.....all slow and sexy.  I thought this would be great for romantic evenings with my husband.  Until one night we turned the playlist on.....every other song was about a broken heart or someone cheating.  Not really a highlight to be kissing my husband when any Shirley Murdock song comes on.....LOL.

So I started doing the thumbs down on lots of slow jams.  I felt like I was discovering this unknown fact in the world of slow music......most of it is NOT truly romantic.  UGH.  Now what?  And while some of her songs are great.....I can't fathom making love to Barbra Streisand music.  I need some Sade or Maxwell.

Bottom line is I have no discipline.  I hate to click the thumbs down song on any song I really like no matter what playlist it pops into.  Will my goal for music playlists ever be met?  Probably not.  Oh well.  lol

Why Am I So Hard Headed?

Wait!  What is that title?  I'm not hard headed.  Really.  LOL (lightening bolt!!!!  DUCK!)

I've been called stubborn, hard headed and unable to let go of things.  Hhmmmm, it might be true.  But guess what?  That's just me.  And probably every other person in the world.  It's always been a silly comment to me.  I have never met one single person that just automatically goes with the flow of others and never resists anything ever.

Here's another one.  "You always want everything you're own way."  Well.....yeah...duh!  Tell me a person who always wants it to be someone else's way.......go ahead, I'll wait.

foot tapping.....

foot tapping.....

I'm waiting.

Exactly.  I have always wanted what I want and whenever the hell I've wanted it.  LOL.  That's not likely to change.  The problem is you have to learn to take turns.  I don't even have any problem with that.  My mother in law had issues with that.  But I've learned not to worry about her anymore.  She's never learned about taking turns.  Actually, she's one of those people that wants her everything right now....all the time.  HAHAHAHAHA.

Human nature is to want and need and feel what we do right now.  There's nothing wrong with that at all.  It's only a question of learning not to voice it and to truly understand that we just can't have our every wish fulfilled asap.  You can't voice it because then you sound like a spoiled, bratty adult.  And that's never a good way to come across to others.  We will be very hard headed in avoiding you at all costs.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Different Types of Women

What type of woman are you?

Are you active?  Are you a mom?  Are you a volunteer type?  Are you all business?  Are you an educator?  Are you a swinging single for lifer?  Are you monogamous?  Are you the 'other' woman?  Are you sexy?  Are you a sports nut?  Are you girlie?  Are you a tom boy?

I think most of us are all of those and much more.  We like to say the media and society label us, but I think we do this too each other.  I really enjoy being able to wear so many hats.  I love the woman I've become and can't wait to see what my daughters become.  It's also fun to watch friends I've grown up with change and grow over the years.

It's never to late to try on a new hat or even get rid of one that doesn't truly fit who you are now.  The biggest consideration is that you don't label the women around you and just let them be all the women they want to be.  It's amazing how many hats I can wear at one time now.  Maybe that's the truest part of being a mature many hats you wear well at one time?  LOL.

I love being a woman.  (not that there's another option for me anyway.)

Keeping a Secret

Man Oh Man......I am such a gossiper.  An acquaintance asked me to keep a secret, but it's so juicy I immediately spilled the beans to my own personal secret keeper, my husband.  LOL, he's like a vault.  I'm like the door of the vault.....opening at every chance.  lol.

But most of the secrets I have trouble keeping are landing in one of two categories:  happy news or helpful news.  Happy news makes people smile and I love to watch people get happy.  Helpful news can easily make someone's life more simple and clear.  Both are good reasons to share a secret, I guess.  NOT.  lol.

I have found that the best way to share a secret without getting busted is to share it with someone that has no contact or knowledge of the person that originally gave me the secret.  LOL.  For the most part it works, unless you have a party or something and invite them both.  See how far you have to go when you gossip?  Trying to keep the illusion of trust among my peers can be frustrating.....LOL.

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