Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Am Married To That Guy

It's so much fun to watch my husband grow in his career. We've fought about it. We've agonized about it separately and together. We've paid for it emotionally for years. We've had many, many happy times watching it grow, stop, stutter, grow.

I've never been the type of person that had a clear goal for when I grew up. I never said I want to be blah blah and stuck with it. Even now, I'm in school for a career change, but it's really just so I can make better money and work from home to be home for our children.....and be better able to take care of things since my husband's career is taking off even more now.

My husband, Khris, is really the only gifted person I've had the pleasure to watch grow. He's a writer. He has no fear in putting a voice and a pen to any topic. I appreciate that he investigates BEFORE he writes. And while it may not be popular opinions he's giving, they are respected. He has had his work on his blog, in newspapers, magazines, an online magazine and now the top at the moment is his new affiliation with Complex Mag.

I couldn't be more proud of him. It's so cool to know I married so well. He'd never see it the way I do. He's very humble and probably a bit shy. I imagine we'll still battle over his time being stretched and his focus on the job. He'll bend here and there. I'll pickup the slack with the kids and house. We'll meet in the middle. That's what we do. I've met, fallen in love and married the only person I had a chance to succeed with......I am lucky I am married to that guy.

Wanna check him out? LOL.....have fun. Tell him I said Hi!!!!! And get off that damn computer.....LOL

Mom's Day 2013

My son, Jayden, is 6 years old. He's definitely the child I've bonded with the most of my three kids. I've often wondered if it's because he's my only son, my last child or the child I had after I matured finally. Whatever the case, he has no idea the power he holds.....I hope not anyway.

He's definitely a cutie and a sweetie. He's eager and nosy and adventurous. He wants to learn and he wants to know everything.

Boy, can he irk a nerve!!!!

Today, he's outside playing with a little boy that lives next door. I'm watching him from the window and he has no idea how much I'm bursting with love. No idea that right now, I'm nearly in tears with a depth of love I don't even understand. It's all part of being a mom. My other two babies are 23 and 21. My girls. Tika is sweet and silly beyond recognition. lol. She's always in her own world but looks for crazy side of everything.

Speaking of daughter, Kali, is the challenging one. She's hardheaded, overly opinionated and won't listen to anyone. She's just like me. LOL. She's currently doing everything she can to show how independent she is.....unfortunately, it always backfires. She's a great person, but I don't think she sees how great she is.

My biggest wish for Mother's Day isn't a material gift......I actually don't have a wish. My children are healthy and doing their own thing in a world where that's not always an easy thing. I'm proud of who they are and my part in creating that. I'm also proud of who I am and their part in creating that, too.

Happy Mother's Day.

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