Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bill Cosby - Rapist? Maybe. Cheater? For Sure!

Comedian Bill Cosby has always been a dynamic force in the entertainment business.  He’s given a voice to the black community and bridged many gaps that have brought people together through laughter and intellectual thought.  He’s a genius.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have watched Bill Cosby’s Himself.  That part about the trip to the dentist…..LOL.  And his wife pulling his lip over his head?  OMG I nearly cried from laughing so hard.  

He’s launched the careers of so many with his dedication.  He’s done the some for education; being a strong advocate for learning just for the sake of learning.  In his career, he’s reached that level that few stars will ever obtain.  

In his personal life, he’s been dogged by rumors.  Rumors that he has harmed, embarrassed, hurt, destroyed and suffocated.  No, I’m not talking about those women.  I’m talking about his wife….and to an extension…..his daughters.  

Whether or not you agree that these allegations of rape are true or lies is not up for debate at this moment.  As a wife and mother, I wonder about the awful hurt all these infidelities and how they have impacted his family.  His wife has noted in the past that she’s aware of his cheating.  That means the daughters are at least now aware of it also.  So here’s the questions I wonder.  How long have they known?  All of them?  How has it affected their relationship with Bill?  How has it affected the daughters’ relationships with their mother?  

Camille always strikes me as an intelligent, strong, resilient woman who can handle anything.  A true matriarch in her family.  Can you imagine living with and loving someone who has undermined your entire 50 year relationship without any true sense of guilt?  Where is the education of Mr. Cosby?  Has he ever learned that if you hurt someone, you don’t continue to do it?  Has he ever learned that your children will repeat your behavior?  Has he ever learned that to hurt those you claim to love the most and to do it repeatedly, makes you the worst father and husband?  

For the record, I do still watch The Cosby Show via Amazon Prime.  It was a brilliant show.  However, I would never want to have the alleged victims to be flipping through their TV and see their rapist.  I don’t think it needs to be back on TV at all.  

I wonder what Cliff Huxtable would have thought of Bill Cosby.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Donald Trump - Any Ideas Behind The Titles?

So I was reading this article on Donald Trump (no worries....I was reading it while in the bathroom......aka the only room worthy of Trump articles) and found this really interesting.  I've not really heard any actual plans with details from him as a candidate.  I've heard name calling.  I've heard titles to ideas.  I've heard more name calling.  I've heard rhetoric.  I actually did go searching a bit for how he intends to do these things.  But I found myself always finding his speeches full of ego and empty bullshit.

I don't agree with Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz or anyone else on everything but at least I know where they are coming from (sort of).  Why would you want someone to lead you into hatred?  Quite honestly, I'm still stuck on how he intends to make Mexico pay for a wall they didn't ask for........does he mean they will fund it or that he would put some sort of sanctions against them?  Like just how do you get your neighbor to pay for the new fence you want in your backyard?

Trump is seriously scary.  He is an example of all the things I try to teach my son NOT to do in this life.  Don't call people names.  Don't talk bad about people unless you understand where they are coming from.  Don't say "all" people because you've never met them all.  Be nice, always.  Even when you don't like someone, be respectful of them as a human being.  Different ideas are different, not wrong or stupid.  If you make a statement, have facts to back it up so it makes sense to everyone.  Don't scare people unnecessarily.  

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