Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Trash

Why do people throw their garbage on the ground?

I'm tempted to not type anything else for this post. It completely pisses me off on a daily basis that I have to pick up trash from in front of my house. My household doesn't hang out in front of the house but there are always tons of potato chip bags, cigarette butts, blunt tips, hug juice containers, soda cans, etc out on the sidewalk. WTF!!!!!

The sad part is I know the people that do this and their houses already look like shit, so why are you not just keeping that garbage confined to your home? Why fuck up my stuff? Dirty bastards.

My kids know the rules.....if you are outside and have trash you have two options.....look for a trash can or stuff it in your pocket. That's it. Why is it so hard for people to know this is wrong? And I don't want to hear about any crap that it was the way you were raised, the type of neighborhood you're in, etc. That mentality is garbage and you know it. That's just laziness.

Philadelphia's Mayor Nutter had to make a concerted effort in their city to combat this situation. Why? Can you imagine having to spend tax money on telling people not to throw their trash on the ground? This is just one of the dumbest conversations to have with supposedly grown ass people.

Here's my message:

If you throw trash on the ground you are a fucking dirty, disgusting, nasty, excuse for a person with no real values and no thought of anyone but yourself. Pig!

Newton ~ The Parents

The shootings in Newton, CT began yesterday for the babies that were lost. I know we thing about the big moments those parents have lost out having with those children. But so many small moments already happened, and these make me cry. These babies were taken on a Friday. Imagine NOT waking up Saturday morning to cartoons and demands for cereal. Did they have plans to go to the museum that afternoon? Pizza that night? Movies after church on Sunday? Imagine seeing your child's bed time come up on the clock and knowing they weren't there to put to bed tonight?

You open a cabinet in the kitchen to make some tea. You are so stressed out from grief and just want a cup of tea. You open that door and see hot cocoa with the lil marshmallows that your baby wanted and begged for the last time you went to the store. You take out a mug and it's right next to the mug with Spongebob on it. You start to wonder when are you supposed to throw out that mug? Can you throw out that mug? Is it sick to keep it? How do I put any of their things in a trash bag and toss it onto a curb next to old leftovers?

These parents are going thru so much grief and tons of emotions I hope I never have to go thru.

Ann Curry of NBC is asking the world to do 20 Acts of Kindness in memory of these children. I've already seen people posting things on Facebook and Twitter telling of the things they are doing. I really wish Act #1 would have come from someone that knew of the shooter's situation and had called authorities. Then Ann Curry wouldn't have to ask people to do things they should already be doing.

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