Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spark People

Well, I am on a two day streak. I have been doing massive amounts of cleaning, moving furniture, etc at work. I have been eating right and tracking it on my page. feeling so good about that right now. i even drank up the water i wanted to do. can't do the 8 glasses.....too much heart burn.

so i am still trying to figure out what direction to take with my blog. i kind of want an area that is just letting me be me and talk which is what i love to do best. lol. so i decided to keep myself in check and write about my attempt to drop 50 lbs before my 40th birthday. that gives me from today.....17 months and a week. i am currently at about 190lbs. i want to be under 140lbs. way too big to be this short.

so i also decided to use a couple of other areas for letting you guys know about things i come acrossed. savings, books, recipes, advice, etc. another about my commentary of what ever is going on around us. and maybe a section to make a smile. they say an apple a day, i will shoot for a smile a day.

i am also starting tesc in a few weeks. so i will be using this as a method to chill and take my mind off of other things.

bottom line, i wanna get healthy, give help and make smiles.


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