Friday, May 20, 2011

My Journey With Autism

I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Martika, over 21 years ago. Wow, times truly flies. I was 19 and in a weird living situation. Her bio dad wanted nothing to do with her was my thought, but now I think he just didn't know what he could do or even wanted to do. Of course, he hasn't seen her in over 20 years, so I'd have hoped he would have figured it out by now....oh well.

I noticed at about a year and a half, she starting acting odd with these weird type of fits and not talking like she had been. Was really hard to concentrate on it with having a new born daughter also at the time. Doctors, specialists, project child, etc.....your daughter is autistic. This was 1991. WTH is that? lol.

She went through meds, therapy and thank God, school with the Mercer County Special Services School District in Trenton, NJ. They saved my daughter. They saved me and my family. I don't think I would have been able to handle her for much longer without their intervention.

There was even a psychologist that advised me to put her into a home. No way, Jose. Not my baby. Well, despite a truly rough way to grow up for both of us.....obviously more so for her. But she did turn me into a better person and a better mom than those I came from.

My biggest lesson from her journey, never give up and never believe others that tell you to give up. There's always hope.

She's going to her prom tonight. She is graduating with a real high school diploma next month. Yeah, it took her a few extra years....AND? She's a straight A student and one of the best people I've known in my life. And guess what else? She's as goofy as goofy gets. She's my Tika.


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Nisa's Catering said...

LIke I've always said, "You are truly a strong woman Anna". I love you dearly1! My sister has two boys that are Austitic, and they are so wonderful and a handful at times. But they are super super smart and intelligent. And we love them so much!!! So I know the journey that you've been on, and I know that your daughter is just like her mother.............A Strong Woman!! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!! NATA

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