Friday, January 20, 2012

41 and still kicking

Today is my birthday. Oh joy. (not) Here are the reasons it sucks. My birthday is right after Christmas. Everyone is broke. While I do understand this - my birthday tends to come at the same time every year, does planning ever occur to anyone? Put a side a lil cash or one of my Christmas gifts for my birthday? Must require too much thinking. My kids and (most) everyone younger are now calling me 41 years young - is this really suppose to make me feel young? You never called me that until you thought of me as old. Not one of my friends ever tries to do something for me for my birthday. Maybe I don't have any friends, then huh? I had to make my own birthday party. Plan - cook - serve - participate - oh and the worst part is having to find a designated driver for my MIL. (she's an undercover lush, sssshhhhhh - everyone knows but her. LOL) and of course, my hubby is the bomb. he's taking me out tomorrow but now they are calling for snow and ice to fall overnight and tomorrow so that might not happen either. I can't wait for 42.

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