Monday, January 2, 2012

My Next Attempt

I'm hoping that I'll stick with my own desire to lose weight, be healthy and find my energy again. I build it up in my head and my heart so much. I have this account that I never stick with....I just don't know why. I really need to drop at least 50 lbs. I even really know how to do it. It still doesn't make me do it. No motivation? Maybe that's the problem, no motivation. I have all these New Year's Resolutions like I do every year. I think if I can just get my ass out of bed early a few times and create this to be a new habit - I'll be ok. The main problem is that I am alone in this battle. The battle is not the weight loss. That's the easy part. The battle is with myself and getting my head and my heart on board to do what I know I need to do - and soon. I'm turning 41 yrs old in a couple of weeks. I'm setting my alarm clock to get me up tomorrow morning at 5am. I'm putting the alarm across the room so I'll have to get up and get it instead of hitting snooze. I'm getting my clothes together tonight. My goal for tomorrow morning is a weigh in, measurement session and to do 10 minutes of Zumba on my Wii. Maybe - hopefully - possibly I'll do another 10 minutes in the afternoon. I want to do 10 minutes twice a day until I can do 20 minutes straight. Then I'll work my way toward 30 and 40 and 50 and then ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not worrying so much about what I eat as much as I worry about the healthy stuff I should be eating. I need to add in fruits and veggies and water. I'll touch base with you soon and let you know how I'm doing.

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