Monday, January 9, 2012

Trenton, New Jersey - Capital of NJ - Experiments of Mack

I was born and raised in the city of Trenton, capital of the state of New Jersey. I've heard all the jokes about my state and have not been too keen on everyone believing that the Sopranos and Jersey Shore are valid representations of our beloved state. But hey, it does provide entertainment and brings people here for tourism (with their money). So really, it's no big deal. I moved out of Trenton when my children started middle school. I moved out so my children could have a better education in Hamilton Twp schools. How sad it is that we needed to move a few blocks but have such a huge impact on their education and safety? I've always been proud of the rich history that is Trenton, NJ. As an inner city, it's always had its struggles to maintain jobs, safety, education.....just as any other city. But Trenton is now dealing with it's biggest dilemma. A man who wanted to claim the title of mayor more than he actually wants to do the work of the mayor. Our city is in a decline of safety - no one is safe, no one is even thinking at this point that it couldn't happen to them. Everyone is scared of being shot. Everyone except the fools with the guns. This city is being "lead" by a man that knows nothing of how to lead. He doesn't know how to command respect or how to implement a plan. I don't believe for one moment that I would know how to run a city......that's why I would not run for a job I couldn't handle. I truly believe that thought never occurred to him. Wanting to have the title and wanting to do the work are completely different agendas. He should show that his focus is on the safety of the city's residents and not on his wallet. Requesting pay raises after laying off police officers is not just in bad taste, it's a threat to the safety of those that brought him into office. He hasn't done anything to have EARNED a pay raise. I guess since he's short enough to not even have to duck a bullet, it's really no concern of his how many fly around the city.

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