Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bebe Kids

My block is full of Bebe's kids.....remember those? Little ass ignorant kids with fucked up manners and personalities that make you understand the need for abortion? Ugh, not saying I'd like to get rid of any of the brats on my block. For the most part they are nice kids. But 90% of them are only after what they can get out of each other. My son, Jayden, is one of the younger kids. But we are the only house with a pool and a Wii that he and his friends are allowed to play with....and did I mention I feed the kids when they are at my house?

These kids have decided that they only come over for those reasons and are content to use my son. I face this dilemma. Do I remove the kids from who he can play with or do I allow them to use my son so he has someone his own age to play with? Most of these kids are mostly nice, but if they are not on the Wii, playing with his toys, or in the pool they pretty much ignore him. I think the part that's the most fucked up is that I've discussed this with the other parents. It was no help at all.

These are the things that make me wish for the parental hand book I never got at birth. I could deal with many things, but watching kids mess over my son is not one of them. LOL, what can you expect from Bebe kids.....

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