Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Hair....Cut, Not Cut, Grow, Not Grow...AAAHHH

Every year right around my birthday I get into my "I must fix it" mode. My hair will be longer, in need of a trim, and constantly in a ponytail. Do I get it cut? Yes, it's so cute, it compliments my face so much better. No, it's too much daily work....no easy ponytail and I have to wash it daily. OK, I'll let it grow longer. Nope, it's being lazy and I'm older so I should keep it shorter like us older ladies are supposed to do.

See? I drive myself nuts. LOL.

Right now, I'm looking back thru old pics and realizing I do look better with the shorter hair. And the highlights. Part of that is just being lazy and cheap. I hate the maintenance. Time to suck it up and get it done.....the long hair is weighing me down. lol. And I don't need any other help with adding to my weight.

I think I'll be trying to do the highlights on my own this time. I can't see paying $100 for that crap.....and it looks nice, but not any nicer than I can do on my own at home. I just need to make sure I'm clearing a few minutes in the mornings to wash and blow it dry......damn I'm lazy. LOL.

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