Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Own Image

If you’ve bothered to see my profile, you may have seen what I look like. It’s trying to be realistic with everything, especially things about myself. I tend to shop for compliments from others for various reasons. I think where I believe my reflection is ok, it should be better than ok. Maybe that’s why I don’t try harder to lose the weight, keep my hair done, etc. If all that was done and I was still only ok.....where do I move from here?

It’s really hard to be 42. I’m having a tough time accepting that I will never get my old body back. I’ve had children, I’ve eaten way too many cupcakes and don’t come from a family with the best physical appearances hanging from our branches. I’ve got things going on inside me that don’t make sense. Hot says I’m not even close to menopause. Eczema on my feet......not much can be done. Hair thinning out on my head but starting anew on my chin......just part of aging.

Maybe the best we can do is to find out who we want to be and strive for it. But to know in our heart of hearts, it’s still only going to take us so far. We should have enjoyed our youth more. LOL, I think I enjoyed mine a little too much since I don’t remember a whole heck of a lot. Here’s my advice to myself.......

I really do need to find a way to improve who I am and what I am; while accepting that I am what I am until then.

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