Sunday, March 22, 2015

210 Pounds

Today I ate, I munched, I snacked.  And that was only this morning.  Well, I just five minutes ago decided to get myself on my scale.  I knew I would still be right about 195 lbs.  Really?  It's crazy that I'm in denial 24/7 about my weight and I not struggle to carry my fat ass around all day?

I mean, this is just ridiculous.  I know I have a tendency to avoid things that I know have to get done until the last moment.  But what's the last moment when it comes to my health?  Death?

I'm so involved with my community and my job.  But it's my family that gives me the most joy.  And I want to be here with them always.  So before I started to type this, I took all the snacks from my bedroom and I'm taking them downstairs.  No more night time or bedroom eating or drinking.....unless it's water.  And I'm putting alarms reminders on my phone......hopefully this will help.

Tomorrow I'm going to not.  Not over eat.  Not eat according to my mood.  I'm going to eat according to my plan.  My Fitness Pal - here I come baby!!!!  No more Facebook groups where none of us are really helping each other.

Tomorrow I will do my Zumba, eat breakfast and at least start my day right.  I'll be concentrating on these couple of goals first.  I can't wait to see where I end up.

1st Goal - 200 lbs by the end of April.  That's 10 lbs.

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