Sunday, September 9, 2018

PrettyUnlimited Podcast - Episode 2 Welcome To Russell Island (Bahamas)

Khris and I went to Russell Island a few weeks ago for our first ever vacation alone together. Alone and together probably shouldn't be in the same sentence but oh well.  I really feel like I should apologize for not staying on topic, but if we've ever met, you're already aware that I can't stay on topic. We found the home we stayed at using this site called HomeAway and really you can find some awesome deals. It's also soothing to window shop for vacations when the kids won't shut up or your boss is being extra annoying.

Coming soon to a podcast near you we'll be discussing our 2nd time using HomeAway for the Jersey Shore. We're still trying to recuperate from that one as we just got home on Monday from that one so we can't record it until we replenish our whiskey supplies.

Click here to listen to us babble about Russell Island and other things that make no sense:

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