Monday, December 10, 2018

Hungry! Yes! Wait? Am I?

Today is Monday, December 10.  It's my last day at work before my annual layoff.  Typically, I would be planning out my volunteer time which increases a lot over this time frame.  But, I left the leadership role I had in Art All Night - Trenton so I can concentrate on being available more for my son as he started middle school.  It was really the right choice because although he's doing well, he is needing a lot of help. 

This time though, I've decided to concentrate on me.  I want to use this time to see if I can get my weight down and make healthy improvements in my day to day existence.  Today's been pretty good.  I'm the only one at work so I used the time to sneak a work out into my day that wasn't planned.  Then I went for a walk at lunchtime.  I even did a 7-minute mini workout when I got back from that walk. 

(New goal.........skinnier shadow!!)

Now, I just finished lunch (3/4 of a cup of Panera Bread's baked potato soup).  I'm on my 7th cup of water.  And I feel like I'm hungry.  But I don't know if this is really I'm hungry or just I want to graze on something.  Or maybe this is from the walk?  I have no clue.  But I'm pushing through it right now by writing this instead of eating.  LOL, hopefully, this works. 

I'll wait until 3pm to eat the banana I brought for a mid-afternoon snack.  I might sneak a diet of my favorite things to have.  I haven't had any soda in about 5 days.  I'm working on a set of specific goals for January and February.  Hoping I can get myself on point.  Realizing that snacking between meals is a big problem for me. do I fix it? 

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