Thursday, February 7, 2019

Film Review - Black Panther 2018 (Spoilers and Commentary Ahead)

FYI - all of my reviews are done while watching the movie........sort of a play by play.  Beware of opinions that probably don't matter to the quality of the movie.  I just can't keep my opinions to myself.  And remember, the shorter the review, the more into the movie I probably was.  LOL read on McDuff. 

The intro was way different than I had expected, although I don't know what I was going to expect anyway.  From Wakanda to Oakland to Nigeria to Wakanda.  

The cinematography is fucking amazing.  It shows the beauty of Africa.  

You've gotta love how this showcases the strength of black women.  That they are shown to be warriors is how we all want to be seen.  Strong, valued, intelligent, capable and competent.  

How do I get Lynn Whitfield to be my mom?  

27:36 into the movie - Prince T'Challa ceremony to be king has brought a challenger wishing to keep him from the throne.  This fight will be to the death or yield.  I'm amazed again at the cinematography.  The ledges of people in beautiful garments surrounding by the natural beauty of the waterfall and landscape make you really appreciate what most of us never get to live with in our daily existence.  

It's great to see how they show these individual tribes are still doing their own thing, maintaining who they each are and respecting each tribes' right to be who they are.......all while maintaining Wakanda.  Oh that the rest of the world could be this way.  

OMG his father's death!  It's really something to see him buried alive while showing the death of his father, King T'Chaka.  Now he's in heaven, but he's alive.  This low key feels like the Lion King.  Awwww his dad! 

This entire South Korea scene is a really good action sequence.  Lots of fighting, lots of great choreography.  They did a wonderful job on this. Incredible camera work.   

So the King is a murderer?  Of his own brother?  Wow!

In reality, (can I say that in a completely made up story) this is the story of a son fixing the mistakes made by his father.  This is a story of family, heritage and protecting the future while making it easier for those not considered equal.  

Favorite Quote:  "Bury me in the ocean, with my ancestors that jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage."  This is also the saddest quote ever. 

The score is over the top and fits perfectly.  It pulls me through each scene keeping me on the edge of my seat.  

I'm so much more impressed with the women of Wakanda than I am with Black Panther.  

I stepped away from this review for a little bit to let it marinate.  I wasn't overly impressed with the movie itself.  But in thinking it over, I'm impressed by the story, the amazing revelation of what a nation such as Wakanda could teach the world.......bringing the world to its knees in science, in faith in mankind and in the lesson that selfishness has ruled us for too long.  The lesson that people of color can be the teachers and professors in a world that's peaceful because of their knowledge and experience.

4 shots out of 5 for Black Panther 

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