Saturday, March 16, 2019

Netflix Original - Ellen Degeneres Relatable (2018) Review

No Spoilers!!!

In her first stand up routine in 15 years, Ellen Degeneres hooks up with Netflix in this new original that was filmed live in Seattle, Washington. Ellen (who will be celebrating her 61st birthday next month) began her career in the early 1980’s doing stand up in her hometown, New Orleans, before touring the country and being named Showtime’s funniest person in the country (1984).

You can’t help but admire Ellen’s approach to her audience as she comes out on stage dressed COMFORTABLY! Black sweatshirt, black loose pants and white sneakers. One of my personal pet peeves with many performers is how many of them just look so uncomfortable in these outfits they need to wear for fans or themselves. I get it, but it is nice to see a woman comfortable in her own skin……..not to mention not really trying to worry about what others might think of her choice of attire.

Image result for netflix ellen degeneresShe touches on many topics in her routine showing how we’re all relatable to each other. Definitely of a few moments where it just seemed like ‘eh, whatever’. But overall, I was glad to watch this. There was enough personal moments of her sharing her life, her views and who she is to make you feel as though you know her a bit better than you did before. Her favorite joke is also now my favorite joke, just very sweet.

I was ready to do a solid 3.5 shots out of 5. Her favorite joke and the way she closed her show topped it over to  4 shots.

At the end of this………...she made me cry. She’s a strong person and has undoubtedly inspired others to come out. Listen to her story about the finch. We’re all that finch at some point in our lives. Be who you are…….give yourself that gift. Whatever your gift is, unwrap it and live it the best way you can.

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