Monday, July 15, 2019

R Kelly: Famous to Infamous

I didn't want to watch this docu-series from Lifetime on R&B legend R. Kelly at all.  So many women have come forward for years and many of us did nothing but support him by listening to his music.  Nothing to get them their justice, nothing to prevent it from happening again.  We just kept supporting his lifestyle of abusing and using girls and young women by continuing to listen and purchase his music.  That funded his actions.  We gave him the money to keep abusing our sisters, our friends. 

This past weekend, he was brought up on even more charges.  There's really not much to say on this.  It's all been said.  His supporters will continue to say he could never do this.  They won't believe some girl they don't know.  But they'll believe a celebrity they don't know, either.  It's fucked up.  Stop throwing away these girls and young women. 

All R Kelly music that pops up in my timelines........fuck you, you lil prick.  Thumbs down!

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