Sunday, May 10, 2020

SlimPossible 226.7 lbs - May 10, 2020

I'm trying to keep myself positive.  But so many starts and stops on this weight loss journey are upsetting me.  I know exactly what to do except how to get out of my own way.  The only thing I can do is worry about today and plan for tomorrow because I have a dental appointment coming up.  Today is Sunday, May 10 and it's Mother's Day.  I didn't do much today because I let myself have today to do nothing.  I definitely earned this.  I felt guilty about it this afternoon, but that's because I know I could be doing better for myself.  It's about 9pm now and I'm ok with letting myself have an easy day. 

I took these photos below about 3 weeks or so ago.  My weight was 226.7 lbs.  I've lost about 3 lbs since then.  Not a huge loss but at least the scale is going in a direction I'm ok with for the moment.  LOL, I just noticed my face in the forward picture......gee I was a happy camper in that one.  LOL

Tomorrow, I'm going into work a bit early because I have to leave for an emergency dental appointment (cracked tooth ~ aaaggghhhh).  So I will either not be working out tomorrow or if I'm up for it, I'll at least walk home if I make it back to work.  It's kind of up in the air right now.   The worst-case scenario is I'll hit the exercise bike if my head doesn't explode in pain. 

I would normally have my food worked out for tomorrow but again, this is a dental thing so I'm just not quite sure what I should be doing and not doing.  I did work out a few smoothie and protein shake drinks to keep me going in addition to water and my beloved morning coffee.  I guess we'll see how it goes. 

I'll keep you posted......I'm not planning for Tuesday until tomorrow when I see how I'm feeling.  I will do my best to get my 30 minutes of exercise in for the day.  What are your plans for this week? 

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