Monday, January 25, 2021

Blogger Problems ~ What Content Should I Post?

One of the most difficult things for me with trying to push out this blog is the content.  Do I make everything a series?  Do I keep it more spontaneous?  How do I mix both ways?  Do I make certain things a series?  How long of a series?  How about people?  If I tell this story about my mother in law and maybe it's not in a good light, how will that be perceived?  By her?  By others?  If I don't tell the stories and things that are most prevalent in my mind, why bother with this blog?  

I want this blog to be a reflection of all the bits and pieces of who and what I am.  It may not be important to anyone but me, but I should at least try to be important to myself.  Maybe........when I'm dead and my remains are scattered wherever they might kids can read this and have a place to maybe understand me as a person and why I was the way I was.  

So I did have to actually decide about content and after a bunch of back and forth arguments in my mind with me, myself, and I........... I have chosen to mix it up.  Planning for some ongoing series and also keeping room for updated stories, current pop culture, and, yes, spontaneous posts.  LOL 

The first decision is hopefully the easiest one.  A loose schedule for 12pm music.  I love music.  I listen to music all the time.  It's my go-to spot as much as reading.  And weirdly, this will be a series but it will also be spontaneous!  Whatever my vibe is for that day........I'm planning to post a song within that vibe.  This will coincide nicely with trying to go back through music genres to listen (actually re-listen) to full albums in the order it was meant to go in.  My hubby mentioned to me quite a while back that sometimes artistic musicians have a specific reason for having the songs in a specific order.  

So.  What to look for?  12pm (noon to most of us) music posts on social media.  And a weekly album review of old and or new albums.  Does anyone still say album?  Hmmmmmm

Here's what I'm actually jamming to as I write this post! RIP Teena.....

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