Sunday, June 13, 2021

Editorial: Where Are The Children?

Yesterday, I saw an ABC News piece regarding thousands of missing schoolchildren.  When the country had to move to remote learning, many children simply never logged on.  NOW, schools are claiming that they're doubling down to get these children back to school as many of our nation's schools are back in the classroom.  We don't need to review all of this.  There are dozens of reasons why these children aren't back in school.  

With return to in-person learning, thousands of students still 'missing' from schools

School officials say there are still thousands of students unaccounted for.

Lack of internet, lack of a support system, no computer at home, parents/guardians that don't know how to handle the remote learning, parents/guardians that don't fucking care, etc.  Here's my fear.  Are they alive and healthy?  

These children are hopefully known by someone.  Someone somewhere knows about every child.  If you haven't seen a child...........inquire.  Ask about them.  Reach out to the parents/guardians.  If you can't or are in a position that you don't want to ask, call DYFS or whatever entity is in your area.  Ask for a well visit.  

THEN FOLLOW UP!!!! For weeks, for months.  Whatever it takes.  

My fear is that some of these children are being abused and neglected, maybe even killed.  Do the right thing, look out and look after our children.  On the State Child Welfare Agency website, you can find the contact information for all 50 states to the agencies you should contact if there is a child you can't be sure is safe and sound.  Here is the link to the State Child Welfare Agency Websites.  

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