Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Am I Too Emotional?

When I was a kid, I would cry over anything remotely sad. After 40 years, I still haven't outgrown it. I cry over cry when I'm sad, angry, happy, or in pain (pain giggles are too weird to explain).

Just today, I read a story on about a little 5 month old girl that died of a disease she was born with, they didn't expect her to make it to her second birthday. Her parents created a blog detailing her life, her possible dreams and hopes for the future as though she were writing this herself. It was funny and uplifting. She died and I cried like she was mine.

Then I realized something today. She was mine. That's why I get emotional over things. I always feel for the person and those around them and feel bad for the emotional waves they will be going through in whatever situation they are in. I worry about them and hurt for them. That makes me empathetic, not pathetic like some others like to label me for having a range of emotions for others that they just can't fathom.

My MIL and a friend make a point to watch me while we watch movies to point out when they see me cry. I think I'm going to turn the tide on them. Next time I'm watching a movie and feel myself about to cry, I'm gonna turn to them and ask why they are so cold hearted and unmoved by other people's troubles and emotions. I'm really do believe if more people would take the time to feel for someone other than themselves - maybe we would all be a little bit happier. We as a people wouldn't be to quick to look or sound cool in hurting others. We as a people wouldn't want to seek revenge. We as a people would finally learn to turn the other cheek and let things alone that are really NOT our business. If only.....

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