Friday, April 6, 2012

Facebook and Twitter

In the news, you see people getting in trouble all the time for what they tweet more than posting to facebook. My experience is the complete opposite. I've noticed that FB friends are a lot more bitchy and sensitive than my twitter followers. It's so odd to me that people think we are more harden or hardcore today than our parents and grandparents are.....when in reality, I don't think those folks cared as much about the possibility of an insult. If I want to insult someone, they will know it and not have to wonder at all. One friend we will call Ray is the worst of the bunch. Gets to a put where they felt trashing my over my opinions on my own wall wasn't quite enough....they had to reiterate this information on their own wall as well. LOL. Gotta laugh at the antics of some folks. I am slowly getting my facebook friends list in check with only people that understand the term agree to disagree. I don't expect everyone to share my opinion and even more, I love when people disagree and we get to have a dialogue about something so I can get a lil more knowledge than I started out with when I posted the opinion. But if you start using the caps lock, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and slamming me on your wall while taking my words and twisting them, well all I can say or do is two things....Fuck you, unfriend. Peace - and may the force be with you.....and also with you. LOL

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