Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Keeping a Secret

Man Oh Man......I am such a gossiper.  An acquaintance asked me to keep a secret, but it's so juicy I immediately spilled the beans to my own personal secret keeper, my husband.  LOL, he's like a vault.  I'm like the door of the vault.....opening at every chance.  lol.

But most of the secrets I have trouble keeping are landing in one of two categories:  happy news or helpful news.  Happy news makes people smile and I love to watch people get happy.  Helpful news can easily make someone's life more simple and clear.  Both are good reasons to share a secret, I guess.  NOT.  lol.

I have found that the best way to share a secret without getting busted is to share it with someone that has no contact or knowledge of the person that originally gave me the secret.  LOL.  For the most part it works, unless you have a party or something and invite them both.  See how far you have to go when you gossip?  Trying to keep the illusion of trust among my peers can be frustrating.....LOL.

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