Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Different Types of Women

What type of woman are you?

Are you active?  Are you a mom?  Are you a volunteer type?  Are you all business?  Are you an educator?  Are you a swinging single for lifer?  Are you monogamous?  Are you the 'other' woman?  Are you sexy?  Are you a sports nut?  Are you girlie?  Are you a tom boy?

I think most of us are all of those and much more.  We like to say the media and society label us, but I think we do this too each other.  I really enjoy being able to wear so many hats.  I love the woman I've become and can't wait to see what my daughters become.  It's also fun to watch friends I've grown up with change and grow over the years.

It's never to late to try on a new hat or even get rid of one that doesn't truly fit who you are now.  The biggest consideration is that you don't label the women around you and just let them be all the women they want to be.  It's amazing how many hats I can wear at one time now.  Maybe that's the truest part of being a mature woman........how many hats you wear well at one time?  LOL.

I love being a woman.  (not that there's another option for me anyway.)

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