Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why Am I So Hard Headed?

Wait!  What is that title?  I'm not hard headed.  Really.  LOL (lightening bolt!!!!  DUCK!)

I've been called stubborn, hard headed and unable to let go of things.  Hhmmmm, it might be true.  But guess what?  That's just me.  And probably every other person in the world.  It's always been a silly comment to me.  I have never met one single person that just automatically goes with the flow of others and never resists anything ever.

Here's another one.  "You always want everything you're own way."  Well.....yeah...duh!  Tell me a person who always wants it to be someone else's way.......go ahead, I'll wait.

foot tapping.....

foot tapping.....

I'm waiting.

Exactly.  I have always wanted what I want and whenever the hell I've wanted it.  LOL.  That's not likely to change.  The problem is you have to learn to take turns.  I don't even have any problem with that.  My mother in law had issues with that.  But I've learned not to worry about her anymore.  She's never learned about taking turns.  Actually, she's one of those people that wants her everything right now....all the time.  HAHAHAHAHA.

Human nature is to want and need and feel what we do right now.  There's nothing wrong with that at all.  It's only a question of learning not to voice it and to truly understand that we just can't have our every wish fulfilled asap.  You can't voice it because then you sound like a spoiled, bratty adult.  And that's never a good way to come across to others.  We will be very hard headed in avoiding you at all costs.

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