Friday, August 10, 2018

ELF Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face) Series (1st)

I've been using ELF for about 5 years now and since I'm finally starting to get time to do my own thing, I thought it'd be a great way to talk about how much I love ELF, even if I'm not a fan of all the products.  And the prices are well worth letting me try out all the products I want to try.

Someone else helped me trip over ELF through a friend of a friend of a friend.  I don't even remember that chick's name.  Ah, well.  Online shopping is a favorite past time of mine so this was right up my alley from the rip.  Second, was that they don't use animals to test or any animal bits or pieces in their products.  Awesome!  I'm not a huge makeup purchaser since I've been trying to simplify my spending, space, routine and life in general.  But I'll be sharing my thoughts on the products I do buy.

Website -

First up!  Lips.  Ok, it might not be a good idea to start off with the negative shit but it is what it is.

Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain - Thoughts?  It's shit.

$4 ~ The color (I picked Dewy Berry) wasn't crazy bad but when I think stain I think of a vibrant color that's going to stay put.  I don't blame that on them as that was just my own personal thought.  But it does neither.  The color was more like a tint and the stain aspect just didn't happen for me.  It doesn't go on even either.  That drove me bonkers.  I mean, this is just stuff to smear on my lips so why doesn't it go on evenly and why is it purposely fighting me in my battle for an even coat?  WTF?  But all that fucking tastes gross.  And the smell is just like the taste and right under my damn nose.  Ugh!  

Click here to see what it looks like so you won't make the same mistake I did.  

Ok, that's it for today's lesson in stank ass stains.  I'll be looking for another stain through ELF when my next paycheck kicks in.  See ya later, alligator. 

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