Thursday, December 1, 2022

Movie Review ~ 12 Days of Giving 2017 (Spoilers!)

Movie Review ~ 12 Days of Giving

I don't want to be an asshole when it comes to reviewing things.  I struggle with my words and tone when I don't agree or like something.  I don't want to be mean or overly harsh.  No one deserves to have their feelings hurt because I struggle with communication.  So let me rehash this movie in the best way I can figure.  

Man is engaged.  She's not that nice, not really supportive. is engaged and should be sharing financial information and his private life instead of hiding it.  He won money but is giving it away to strangers that need help.  

Man wants to do good.  (he gave a old homeless man a about some long term help!!!!)  For everyone but his fiancee. 

Man meets Jason (kid is not really named Jason but he's a little evil manipulator in a hockey mask so close enough).

Did I mention this man has no emotions?  He vaguely smiles, voice doesn't have highs or lows, he's so boring.  

Kid manipulates him.  Man meets Jason's mom and now he's in love with her instead of the fiancee.  There is no sense of time or days moving so you can't figure out the time frame on how fast or slow this is happening.  

The weirdest part is that the two main characters are played by talented actors Ashley Jones and David Blue.  I don't know what was happening when this was being filmed but it feels like this film wasn't finished and we saw them rehearsing.  They're both really good, very expressive.  I'm confused.  

At no point in the movie do they mention 12 Days.  Not of giving, not of anything so the title confuses me.  I was about 30 minutes into this life sentence and knew it was going to be dead last on my list.  My rating is on a scale of 1 - 5 shots.  1 being the worst and 5 being the best.  If I had really thought about this, I would have started at 0.  

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