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My Christmas Movie (Ranked) List (Ever Changing!)

My Christmas Movie (Ranked) List (Ever Changing!) 

Today is Thursday, December 1, 2022.  I'm only giving the date so I'll remember when I started this crazy list I'm hoping to fulfill.  Over the years, one of the only genres of movies I actually make a point to watch is Christmas movies.  Usually the sappy, romantic, nostalgic, etc.  If it has a Christmas word in the title, happens near Christmas, etc........It's a Christmas movie in my book.  

Anyway, below is my ongoing Christmas Movie (Ranked) List.  This is not up for debate because it's only my opinion on creating my own list.  But if you disagree........I would love to hear your thoughts on what movies would go onto your list.  And if you're waiting for me to include your favorite movie, please send me your favorite Christmas movies to my email address so I can find them and add them to my MUST-WATCH list of Christmas movies/films. 

Criteria for this list is broad.  When I was a kid, I thought those yearly animated Christmas specials were 'movies'.  Because of that, I've decided to leave them within this list.  And lastly, this list will be an ongoing list.  As new movies come out, I'll be writing my reviews for them and adding them to this list.  There are literally hundreds of Christmas movies I still haven't seen.  My biggest problem is that I like to watch the movies I loved over and over and over.  That's gotta stop so I can watch more movies to add to this list.  This will be the most fun project EVER.  As time allows, I'll try to make a link out with each title to my review of that movie.  Just started this so it might literally take me a few months to catch up with my own list.  LOL Merry Christmas!!!! 

Side Note:  If you're studio, channel, production company, etc are not INCLUSIVE......I'm just returning the favor.    

My Christmas Movie (Ranked) List

  1. Netflix: A Boy Called Christmas 2021
  2. TLC: The Secret Santa 2014
  3. Arthur Christmas 2011
  4. The Christmas Box 1995
  5. Klaus 2019
  6. A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965
  7. Alastair Sims a Christmas Carol 1951
  8. A Christmas Story 1983
  9. Netflix: The Christmas Chronicles 2018
  10. Miracle on 34th Street in 1947
  11. Home Alone 1990
  12. Home Alone two 1982
  13. The Christmas List 1997
  14. Frosty the Snowman 1969
  15. The Holiday Calendar 2018
  16. The Santa Clause 1994
  17. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 1989
  18. Polar Express 2004
  19. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 1964
  20. This Christmas 2007
  21. Trading Places 1983
  22. What Was The Night Before Christmas 1974
  23. White Christmas 1954
  24. The Year Without Santa Claus 1974
  25. Scrooge 1970
  26. The Christmas Shoes 2002
  27. A Christmas inheritance 2017
  28. A Christmas Carol George C Scott 1984
  29. 48 Christmas Wishes 2017
  30. The Holiday Calendar 2018
  31. Nothing Like The Holidays 2008
  32. Falling for Christmas 2022
  33. Gremlins
  34. Mariah Carey‘s All I Want for Christmas is You 2017
  35. Almost Christmas 2016
  36. Diehard 1988
  37. Always and Forever Christmas 2019
  38. A Very Brady Christmas
  39. Call Me Mrs. Miracle 2010
  40. Castle for Christmas 2021
  41. Christmas 9 to 5 2019
  42. Christmas Bells are Ringing 2018
  43. Christmas Everlasting 2018
  44. Christmas Homecoming 2017
  45. Christmas Hotel 2019
  46. A Christmas Kiss 2011
  47. Netflix: A Christmas Prince
  48. Netflix: A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding
  49. Netflix: A Christmas Prince: A Royal Baby 
  50. A Christmas Romance 1994
  51. A Christmas Visitor 2002
  52. An Elf Story 2010
  53. Grounded for Christmas 2019
  54. Jingle All The Way 1996
  55. Last Holiday 2006
  56. The Long Kiss Good Night 1996
  57. My Christmas Inn 2018
  58. Scrooged 1988
  59. The Knight Before Christmas 2019
  60. Midnight at the Magnolia 2020
  61. Let it Snow 2019
  62. Holiday Rush 2019
  63. Christmas with a Prince 2018
  64. It’s a Wonderful Life 1946
  65. Elf 2003
  66. All I Want for Christmas 2013
  67. Home Alone 3 1997
  68. Home Alone 4 2002
  69. The Christmas Aunt 2020
  70. Christmas Cruise 2017
  71. 12 Days of Giving 2017 

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